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It is a great opportunity to network with peers. Have attended all the Pharma CI Europe Conferences.



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17 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016
19 Feb 2016

Registration & Networking Welcome Coffee

CI in the Context of Business Development and Licensing

Dr. Jo Adams, Ph.D., Engagement Manager, Lifescience Dynamics
Laetitia Bodivit, MSc, Associate Director, Lifescience Dynamics
Dr. Steven Robery, Consultant, Lifescience Dynamics

• How can CI support the BD&L process?

• How can MA and payer discussions complement CI in this process?
• How can Payer research input in the forecasting?
• Valuation of an asset using CI

Networking Lunch

The Evolution of Competitive Selling over a Drug’s Life Cycle

Marcus Deans, Principal and Market Access, Deallus Consulting
Inass Hassan, Principal, Deallus Consulting

• Understand how competitive strategy should evolve as a brand matures and how this will inevitably impact the product ‘sale’

• This interactive session will help you recognize how the external environment, including competitor and customer behaviour might develop as a brand matures, and appreciate the different challenges and opportunities that this presents to a brand
• Gain an awareness of how the customer perception of ‘value’ will also change as the competitive landscape changes and how your field force strategy must be adapted to ensure your brand stays relevant
• In addition, understand how you can translate the movements of your competitors to all internal stakeholders to ensure internal buy-in to the value of CI, as well as encourage the CI process to be as collaborative as possible across all levels of the organisation

Networking Break & Refreshments

Scenario Planning in Life Sciences

Dr. Baljit Singh, Managing Director, INOVIS (formerly Global Director, Integrated Insights, Novartis Pharma AG)
Ashlyn Sadrick Stein, Key Account Director, Life Sciences, INOVIS

Planning for external and internal threats is a fundamental and essential part of brand planning. The approach and tools provided during this session are applicable broadly within Life Sciences, but exemplified with biosimilar case studies. This interactive workshop session will enable you to:

i. Grasp how to systematically approach scenario planning
ii. Leverage and apply fundamental tools utilized during the scenario planning process
iii. Prepare your organization for external threats and internal issue
iv. Identify opportunities and align YOUR organization for the challenges ahead
v. Prioritize activities, focus areas and initiatives

Registration & Networking Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Hall

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Dr. Daniel Pascheles, Vice President, Head Global Competitive Intelligence, MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)
Raffaella Monno, MSc, Head of Intelligence & New Product Planning Corporate Marketing, Chiesi Farmaceutici

Keynote: Too Big to Succeed: Where Are Large Pharmas Heading?

Simon Middleton, Principal – London, L.E.K. Consulting
Arnaud Sergent, Co-Head, European Healthcare Services Practice & Vice-President, L.E.K. Consulting

Over the past 25 years, large pharmaceutical companies have scaled up operations to increase market share, competitive positioning and global presence. But R&D productivity at industry’s largest companies has declined significantly.

In fact, L.E.K. analysis shows that total sales and market cap of pharma companies are negative predictors of total shareholder returns. A pipeline productivity analysis also highlights that the number of product approvals required to achieve sufficient growth targets for large pharmas is most likely unachievable.

To address these challenges, large pharmas may further consolidate to externally fill pipeline gaps, diversify beyond pharmaceuticals to access adjacent profit segments, deconsolidate, or restructure around a smaller revenue base of high value therapeutic areas.

Understanding the key challenges of scale and applying the learnings from this analysis will enable large pharma executives to sustain growth and maximize shareholder value creation.

Keynote: The Internet of People – A New Way to Drive a Competitive Advantage

Miguel Jiménez, Head of Strategy, Fast Forward

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Keynote: A New Era in LCM

Marcus Deans, Principal and Market Access, Deallus Consulting

In the past, Lifecycle Management (LCM) has at times been a secondary focus for pharma companies. Although, companies can often provide positive cases for key brands in priority markets it is less common that a globally immersive approach to LCM is utilised.

In addition, the ever present issue of competing internal urgencies and an expanding group of relevant multidisciplinary stakeholders often makes best practice LCM difficult to implement. In an era of patent cliffs, increasingly competitive landscapes and shrinking pipelines capturing maximal value from every product launch is critical. With only a third of launches meeting or exceeding analyst expectations, the challenge remains considerable. In many cases the success of a brand launch determines the success of the product but increasingly so is market success defined by the LCM strategies implemented post-launch. This talk will explore the critical success factors that form the basis of a good LCM strategy within this new era.

Keynote Panel: Reaction/Response/Opening

(Panelists are Advisory Board Members)
Sabih Beck, Oncology & Hematology Franchise Lead, Competitive Intelligence, Roche
Raffaella Monno, MSc, Head of Intelligence & New Product Planning Corporate Marketing, Chiesi Farmaceutici
Dr. Daniel Pascheles, Vice President, Head Global Competitive Intelligence, MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)
Dr. Heresh Rezavandi, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., Ecosystem Strategic Intelligence Lead, Foresight, Associate Director, UCB Pharma

Networking Lunch



Implementing a Fit for Purpose CI Strategy in a Fast Moving Drug Development Environment

Gunnar Magnusson, Principal Clinical Information Scientist, Tralokinumab, AstraZeneca

The speaker will introduce a successful way of using CI in a drug project setting in a large Pharma company.

The speaker will be highlighting the critical choices to be made in the process, the challenges faced in balancing short and long term needs, and demonstrating how this has been successfully implemented in his organization today.


Making It Count – Life Cycle Strategies(LCM)

Dr. Baljit Singh, Managing Director, INOVIS (formerly Global Director, Integrated Insights, Novartis Pharma AG)

Real world examples of innovative strategies deployed by pharma/biotech companies to optimize brand value over the product life cycle

  • Successes and failures – and potential reasons why
  • Prospective look at future LCM strategies
  • How CI can support at different stages of the product life cycle



Case Study: Test, Learn, Adapt; Embedding CI in Choice Architecture

Jeremy Quirk, VP Global Analytics and Intelligence CVMD, AstraZeneca

Using CI in the past

  • Changes that might come in the future
  • Modelling and simulation in analytics
  • Central role of CI in this process


The Competitive Dynamics of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Logistics Market Intelligence – A Global Perspective

David Alderman, President, Molekule Consulting

Manufacturing and supply chain logistics intelligence are critical to both ethical proprietary and generics/biosimilars players’ forward-looking and reactive operational planning. Whether keen to understand COGs, overall manufacturing volumes and means of distribution, or real-time early warning detection of competitor manufacturing logistics/dynamics, market intelligence can be leveraged to enlighten blind spots and harden pinch points.

Understanding the competitive market dynamics of manufacturing intelligence is a highly actionable and leverage-able means to influence brand, franchise and corporate level strategy and tactical implementation. In this talk, David Alderman, President of Molekule Consulting will detail the types of competitive and market intelligence that can be leveraged by biopharmaceutical players to be better informed and positioned for sustainable success in the biopharmaceutical competitive sandbox.

Mr. Alderman will demonstrate the power and action-ability of manufacturing and supply chain logistics intelligence through an evidence-based and case study backed lecture. Whether local, regional or global in terms of scope and scale, Mr. Alderman will speak to how manufacturing intelligence is key to both ethical and generic/biosimilar biopharmaceutical companies’ strategies, tactics and planning, forward-looking.



Case Study: Taking a Strategic Approach to Embedding Digital Into a Multichannel Brand Plan

Andrea Pecci, Business Insight & Commercial Excellence Lead, Takeda Italia S.p.A.

How to build up a successful Multichannel going to market business model including digital in the value proposition and through concrete and usable tools.


Understanding the Laboratory and Diagnostic Landscapes in Key Markets for Targeted Therapy Launches

Ryan Keeling, Managing Director, Labceutics (part of the Diaceutics Group)

Your pharma pipelines are becoming more and more targeted as biomarker discovery and clinical technology are advancing at a fast pace. In order to plan and develop an optimal launch strategy, Pharma needs to understand the laboratory and diagnostic landscape in key markets:

  • What labs offer which tests and platforms? Are they commercial, community or academic?
  • What are turn around times?
  • Do labs send out or perform tests in-house?
  • What methodology are labs they using?
  • What labs do HCPs use? Why?
  • How can I track biomarker testing over time?

You will learn what type of data and intelligence you need to optimize your targeted therapy launch and how to ensure your teams are informed once in the market.



Key Events in the Biosimilar Industry and Evaluating the Impact on the Development of Biosimilars

Sandhya Ramalingam, Vice President, Life Sciences, Blueocean Market Intelligence

A) Evolving regulatory landscape and challenges in biosimilar development

  • The issues surrounding naming and labeling, forthcoming FDA guidance, industry citizen petitions
  • Differences in extrapolation and interchangeability by geography

B) Leveraging clinical information package, regulatory and commercial capabilities to design an overall biosimilar strategy

  • Big pharma players vs. pure play biosimilar players and their strategies
  • Pricing/discounting trends


If At First You Don’t Succeed...Predicting the Future in CNS

Dr. Joanne Taylor, VP, Head of Neuroscience, Prescient Healthcare Group

The CNS landscape should be a highly attractive one for future development. There is a high level of payer and political interest in new solutions, an aging population increasing the size of the market, and high levels of public concern about conditions such as dementia.

However, it is also a market beset by pipeline failures, proof of concept is highly elusive. Joanne will argue that innovation beyond drug development is required in a successful future landscape. Indeed, rather than engaging out and out competition, collaborations are the route some companies are taking to make a difference. To innovate and be successful requires highly strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the future landscape and its potential impact on the market. Joanne will provide some examples of strategic game-play that can be successfully applied to CNS as well as other therapy areas.

Networking Break & Refreshments



Case Study: Big Data to Insights, Intelligence and Influence Analytics

Heresh Rezavandi, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., Ecosystem Strategic Intelligence Lead, Foresight, Associate Director, UCB Pharma

We successfully utilised big data for our intelligence and insight projects,in collaboration with two best-in-class external vendors that were directly translated into strategic outcomes.

The first was a collaboration with Signals Group, to understand the patient experience with the generics of one of our originator brands, as we were interested in knowing what modifications generic companies had pursued to allow them to achieve the perception of differentiation with the group of patients UCB was also interested in. In the second project we collaborated with Voxx Analytics to identify every single epilepsy scientist, KOL and influencer in the world and how they were shaping and influencing the space of epilepsy.


Win/Loss Works In Life Science Too!

Heath Gross, Managing Partner, Sedulo Group

Win/Loss has become a crucial tool for many Sales & Marketing organizations, yet Life Science has been slow to adopt this powerful tool.

The session will focus on how to apply the Win/Loss Methodology to the Life Science industry in order optimize and refine messaging, drive sales, and monitor the competition.

The Role of CI in R&D: Organization, Tasks & Dynamics

Markus Koester, Director, Competitive R&D Intelligence, Boehringer Ingelheim
Gunnar Magnusson, Principal Clinical Information Scientist, AstraZeneca
Andrew White, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Novartis Pharma AG

1. Organization

  • How large is your R&D CI function?
  • For how long does it exist within your company?
  • What is the reporting line and organizational structure of your R&D CI function?

2. Tasks

  • What is the remit of your R&D function?
  • What are standard deliverables of your R&D function?
  • What are the other internal CI functions that we interact with?

3. Dynamics & Outlook

  • What dynamic do you observe in your field of responsibility (internal and externally)?
  • Which areas are currently still untapped and could be explored?

Evening Socializing Events! Cocktail Reception & Networking

Registration & Networking Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Hall

Interactive Roundtables

(Interactive roundtables will be held in two consecutive 50 minute sessions. Participants are encouraged to switch roundtables after the first session to expand your knowledge and networking experience.)
Selecting the Right External Vendor for Your CI Project
Andrew White, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Novartis Pharma AG

Selecting the right external partner for a CI Project can be challenging, especially for a new CI practitioner, or for special projects on unfamiliar topics. We are spoilt for choice with a large number of potential partners, but it can be challenging to differentiate between their products and services. So which one should you choose?

Can you guarantee a successful project outcome that meets your requirements? Should you go with the tried and trusted option, or should you explore the variety of alternatives?
Pick the right vendor, and you can act strategically on the insights gained; establish a solid, ongoing relationship with the vendor; boost the profile of your CI team, and garner greater support for CI activities from the leadership.
Get it wrong, and not only could you miss out on important knowledge or insights, but you could damage your reputation, or lose support and budget from management.
This round table discussion aims to explore the many factors to consider during selection- such as budget, timelines, scope, specific expertise and personal relationships/bias; and the building and maintaining of good relationships with multiple vendors.
From the vendor side, we look for insights on the components required to become the preferred choice and bid successfully for a potentially lucrative project.

What Are the Skills Needed to Be a Successful CI Practitioner
Dr. Daniel Pascheles, Vice President, Head Global Competitive Intelligence, MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)
CI in Strategic Marketing and Planning: Which Role in Revenue Optimization?
Massimo Orlando, Head International Marketing Intelligence, Sigma-Tau Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite S.p.A.
The Challenges of Oncology CI in an Age of Immuno-Oncology
Alex Roland, Director, R&D Intelligence, MedImmune
Enabling Your CI to Resonate and Influence Decision Making
Neal Hansen, Managing Director, Align Strategy

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall



Case Study: Key Competitive Threats: Mapping and Acting

Ilaria Valente, Competitive Intelligence Advisor, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

It is obvious to say that each Pharma company faces competitive threats for its business coming from external scenario.

However, we realized that many of these threats are not properly quantified in terms of business impact, are not widely recognized across the organisation and as a consequence counter-actions are not always planned to face them.

For this reason, we have run in 2015 a project aimed at thoroughly mapping all the key competitive threats involving marketing & sales and R&D people, at properly quantify them and at defining appropriate strategies to face them, by integrating the analysis in key strategic and commercial projects.


Protecting Institutional CI Memory: What to Do in an Environment of Mergers, Acquisitions and Spinoffs

David Staknis, Ph.D., Global Pharmaceutical Practice Lead, Fuld+Company

In the event of mergers, spin-offs and trade, companies ask what happens with all the hard-sought, hard-earned intelligence that’s been accumulated within an organization.

This presentation will focus on what measures can be taken, how information can be divested and shared, and with whom. These events and implications cut across many industries, including pharma, and provide insightful learnings.



The Four Ws: Who, What, Where and When - How to Design a CI Lens Relevant to Your Portfolio

Archna Bhandari, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Expert System Enterprise

Each organization’s view of competition is specific to its own portfolio and business strategies. This session looks at how to facilitate a quicker, easier way to provide a continuous real-time view of your portfolio specific competitive information so you stay ahead of your competitors.

It allows your organization’s CI experts to spend less time finding information, allowing them to spend more time customizing a specific lens along with their targeted commentaries. CI lens brings actionable intelligence to decision makers!


AdisInsight: Single-Search Responses on Evolving Disease Areas From Drug, Trial, and Safety Data – a Case Study

Daniela Ranzani, Adis Business Intelligence Product Manager, Springer



Key Success Factors for a 360° Competitive Intelligence Process in your Therapeutic Area

Daniel Spilsbury, Account Manager EMEA, Digimind

Achieving a successful 360° CI process for each therapeutic area is a challenge.

You need to monitor and analyse many topics among which clinical trials, innovations, drug safety issues, side effects, product launch campaigns, scientific publications, etc. And all of this supported by bespoke deliverables. We will share in this talk best practices from pharma companies having managed this process successfully.


An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Developments Within mHealth

Beth Elliott, Co-founder, Dig Worldwide

A look into the prescribe-able App and digital health market - is it a disruptive technology that will eventually provide better healthcare?

The session will enable you to gain an up to date view of the direction this market is taking in terms of patient activation, improving compliance, data analysis and storage, which Apps are changing the face healthcare and prescribers decision making processes as well as how your competitors are integrating mHealth strategies into their business models. Dig Worldwide will also examine the potential threat from new entrants outside of the industry.

Networking Luncheon

Announcement of Raffle Prize Winners

Leveraging the Power of CI in MA P&R Assessment

Laetitia Bodivit, MSc, Associate Director, Lifescience Dynamics Limited
David Weinstein, Director, Pricing & Market Access, Celgene

Developing a CI tool kit to better integrate CI into the evaluation and assessment of drug candidates

  • Key drivers for integrating CI in MA P&R assessments:
    • Unmet need from customers (Patients, Prescribers, Payers, Regulators & Care Givers)
    • Potential differentiation criteria
    • Commercially viability
  • Benefits of integrating CI in MA P&R assessments:
    • Helps with reaching planned label by clinical CI
    • Helps with planning for generic launches
    • CI with payers and purchases to help product gains access and pricing
  • Case study

2015 Year in Review

Mike Ward, Content Director, Informa
Tijana Ignjatovic, Lead Analyst, Market Access, Datamonitor
Ian Lloyd, Senior Director, Pharmaprojects and Data Integration, Citeline
Jo Shorthouse, Features Editor, Informa

Support your future competitive strategy by understanding where we have been and where we are today.

In this panel session, the Informa Pharma and Healthcare team and industry expert will come together to discuss how the competitive landscape of clinical trials and drug development evolved during 2015. Panel participants will discuss key trends observed in 2015 and identify some not-so-obvious trends. Where did we succeed and where is there room for improvement? Moderated by Informa’s Content Director Mike Ward, this session promises to be a lively and informative discussion that will leave you with a variety of viewpoints on the top stories of 2015 and what they might mean for 2016 and beyond.

Summary and Key Takeaways

(Panelists are Advisory Board Members)
Sabih Beck, Oncology & Hematology Franchise Lead, Competitive Intelligence, Roche
Raffaella Monno, MSc, Head of Intelligence & New Product Planning Corporate Marketing, Chiesi Farmaceutici
Dr. Daniel Pascheles, Vice President, Head Global Competitive Intelligence, MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)
Dr. Heresh Rezavandi, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., Ecosystem Strategic Intelligence Lead, Foresight, Associate Director, UCB Pharma

Chairpersons’ Closing Remarks

Dr. Daniel Pascheles, Vice President, Head Global Competitive Intelligence, MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme)
Raffaella Monno, MSc, Head of Intelligence & New Product Planning Corporate Marketing, Chiesi Farmaceutici

Conference Concludes